In early-mid 2018, Rick is using this site to experiment with WordPress Plugins, so don’t be surprised if strange functions show up, then disappear later…

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What is a mailing list?

A mail list is simply a list of e-mail addresses of people that are interested in the same subject, are members of the same work group, or who might be taking a class together.

When a member of the list sends a note to the group’s special address, the e-mail is broadcast to all of the members of the list.

The key advantage of a mail list over things such as web-based discussions is that as new messages become available they are immediately delivered to the participants’ mailboxes.

Actually, many of our lists are set up, have begun operation, and will have their own pages hanging out here on their respective websites.

However, this site is still a works-in-progress, and has not been completed.